Foods to represent NYC

Next month I'll be attending a conference (of administrative law judges - fun!) in Santa Fe. Each year there is a silent auction, and folks typically donate items that represent their home state. For example, last year the California delegation brought lots of local wine. I was thinking of bringing some items from New York, and I'm looking for ideas. Keep in mind that these items need to be brought on an airplane (in checked luggage), can't be perishable or need refrigeration, should have a fairly broad appeal, and preferably are things not generally available elsewhere.

So far, the ideas I have had include:
- NYC beekeeper honey (now legal!)
- Katz's salami (where the slogan "send a salami to your boy in the army" comes from)
- Jaques Torres hot chocolate mix
- Spekuloos from the Waffle Truck

OK, hive mind, what else should I include?

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