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What to do with Ghost Chili Peppers?

Today I took a trip to this large farmers market and saw some dried ghost chilies. I've been wanting some of these peppers for awhile just to say I tried it.

So, besides chili what would be some interesting recipes to make?

I imagine a normal sized batch of chili which serves 5 - 7 nice sized bowls. Pound of meat, beans, onions, spices, etc. If I do make chili tonight (it's all I can think of so far)

1 - how much should I use in a batch of chili? The package has 5 or 6 dried peppers in it.

2 - how should I use it? Should I add a whole chili to rehydrate it and then remove it later, should I food process it with some liquid or just food process it to make flakes?

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