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Rice Cookers: Talk To Me! I Eat Rice! I Need a New One

I was an early (Amerikan) adopter of the counter-top RICE COOKING gizmos, perhaps in the mid-70s. Over the years, I've worked my way through several, but they eventually die. To date, I've always used the boil dry and rest type. This last time, I'd like to try a smarter Rice Cooker, one able to cook many different kinds of rice. Iv've gon from 'I" to "we" and we both like rice. We want a SMALL one, but fully able. It should be happy cooking One Cup of dry rice, but *any* kind of rice. Some are cheap and some are spendy; small ones are very dificult to find, but we know that they are out there. At this point, price is not important, but function is. Reliability is important. (no 13-month marvels.) We use LG-White, LG-Brown, Basmanti (sp?), Cal-Rose and some others. We can jiggle the water as necessary but want to try a 'smart' machine. We want good rice! Brand and specific model suggestions are welcome and I'll track them down. We don't want to get screwed, but we are willing to pay for a Gizmo that will make good rice over the longer term. Serious rice eaters ask Serious Eaters for their advice. Thank you.

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