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So, we're re-doing our kitchen (I say re-do and not renovate b/c the bones are the same, we replaced the floor, replaced/added mouldings, repainted cabinets, new backsplash etc) and we're to the point where it is safe, once again, to put things out onto the counter. I don't keep a whole lot out (I'm lucky enough to have a large pantry which I've converted to a butler's's a thing of beauty) and I started noticing all the logos!
I never wear clothing with company's names printed on them. I can't stand advertising for people when I'm buying a product--no purses with logos stamped all over them. Well all my kitchen appliances have it etched right into the front. Kitchen Aid, Kenmore, Cuisinart, Black and Decker etc...I mean I am PAYING for these items. I just finds is ruins the continuity of my carefully crafted vintage design!
Have you ever noticed this...does it bother you too...or is it just me?

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