I Actually Like The Ads on Serious Eats Now

In the past I've made unkind comments about some of the ads that run on Serious Eats, mostly having to do with obtrusive use of Flash and other scripted media. It got to the point where it was significantly slowing down my browser and I had to resort to ad-blocking software, which made my life easier but also caused me concern because I want SE and the other websites I visit frequently to be successful and profitable.

Anyway, I've noticed recently that certain ads are starting to appear again, in a good way. These are tasteful, static jpeg ads without any of the annoying flashiness or rollover pop-up stuff. They are even topically relevant, for example an ad for pasta that appears on a Talk thread about macaroni salad. Best of all, they are not blocked by my no-script software, because there is no script to block.

So I just wanted to say thanks to whoever is responsible for this development (possibly involving a company called AdChoices though I'm not sure about that). And if there's anyone out there from Illy, Safeway, Post or other advertisers who may be reading this, please be aware that I can see your ads and I'm going to make it a point to click through them and do whatever I can to support your products.


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