Going to London for a week--suggestions for vegetarians?

My girlfriend and I are going to London this Friday for a week to collaborate on a traditional dance show; I haven't been there since my college days in 2003, and am looking for good recommendations for restaurants, food shops and farmer's markets.

We're both (lacto-ovo) vegetarians, with a love of good beer, tea, cheese, well-spiced foods, fresh fruits and veggies (especially interesting ones), desserts and any sort of local specialties (but no fake meat places, please!).

We're thinking of checking out Ottolenghi for our big splurge. Other than that, our budget isn't student-level, but we'd rather not go above £10-£15 for entrees. We'll be staying in Clerkenwell and rehearsing during the day in Camden Town, so suggestions near there are especially appreciated, but we're willing to travel for something good.

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