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After Posting (send) as Reply...

Hm. I thought this was fixed, but it now seems to vary a bit. Maybe one of the tech wizzards has some clue...
After reading a post, I write a reply and hit the SEND button. Of course it takes a few seconds to send and register the response - that is normal for the SE site. However, the next screen is variable. Sometimes it returns me to the original article, in expanded form and with comments visible. Other times, the post-SEND response is a non-connection message from MSIE, "Cannot Connet" that requires two reverse actions to return to a functional screen. About 75% of the time I need the two reverse actions, but 25% goes to the expanded article as noted above. I can find no differences in how I have arrived at the comment screen or any other differences. Do the tech folks have any clues? Having a freshly cleaned cache does not seem to make any difference. I cannot predict which comments will result in which response. Any ideas? Thanks.

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