Your best pizza cooking time

While I'm drooling over wood-fired pizza ovens to build at home, I've tried to really take my indoor pizza making seriously. I've gotten down a really good dough and I've realized that a bigger pie isn't necessarily better. Yesterday I made the best pizza to date. Pepperoni, kalamata olives, and green pepper. Not that the toppings are what's truly important, I'm going more for technique. My crust was crisp yet chewy with some reasonable char. (the char was the one area I would change by cooking about 30 seconds more). I figured out how to get into my oven's calibration settings and upped the max temp by 35 degrees. I'm no where near 700 degrees (or the 900 ideal in woodfired brick ovens), but I know I'm somewhere above 600 as that is where my oven thermometer tops out and the needle is maxed out. All that being said, yesterdays pie was 7.5 minutes but should have been 8 minutes.

On a sad note, my pizza stone cracked from what I can only assume was thermal shock after putting the pie on it. (It was a cheap stone and I should be able to use it till I get a better one). What's your best time for a pizza at home? Any idea what temp you're able to get in your oven? What tricks do you use to get there?

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