Yep, I made my own tortillas...

And boy were they good. We have always done taco nights at my house, everyone filling their own from the bowls of ingredients, and I used to use supermarket tortillas which are unappetizing out of the bag so I always fried them. Tonight, my son agreed that the freshly-made tortillas did not need to be fried or at least he was willing to give them a try. As Borat would say: Great success!

They were bendy, and could hold more filling than the fried ones. They were tasty, a little thicker than we're used to but really good, really worth making, and no more trouble than frying the supermarket ones-- maybe less.

I bought an 8" IMUSA cast-iron tortilla press from Amazon and, with the brown plastic tortilla-keeper, it came to just over $25, so free shipping. And I got the idea to try this from here of course!

Thanks, Serious Eats!

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