Vegetarian Entree Ideas for a Bduget - Special Request

I have a very close friend who lives in the UK and like me is short on funds (they are currently on one income, hardly holding with that and have one child and just found out that another is on the way). Also like me, they want to save money by not buying much meat, so she has asked me to see if I can find some interesting new recipes (other than pasta with red sauce) that they can try to make. She suggested vegetarian, since those ingredients are usually cheaper, but the requests are no nuts or lentils, and only (maybe) red kidney beans, if any beans at all. i want to give them some healthy ideas, but for the life of me (being a lover of all lentils and beans) I am rather stumped at this point.

Does anyone have any good recipes that might work for them? Preferrably something that they can throw together (they don't have a slow cooker, sorry) while their daughter is in bed and doesn't take too long?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!

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