Spam filters killing my emails?

Kind of a two pronged question here. I've sent in many emails to SE in the past. Everything from emails to individual writers to submitting ideas for burger reviews for AHT. Only once gotten a response, and when it came, is was about a month after I sent the email. The writer actually explained to me that my email had been marked as "spam" and she never saw it. So I was just there anything I can do to not have emails marked as spam, is in fact this is the case? Should I be using a certain email address (currently using Gmail)

Realize everyone here gets flooded with emails, and have no problem not receiving responses, but I just hate to think my emails are never being seen because of spam filtering.

On the same note, what exactly is the protocal for submitting sandwiches for A Sandwich a Day or burger reviews for AHT? Do SEers just give tips to places, or, if we'd like to contribute a review, should we just go, type up a blurb, and email it in?

Thanks all.


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