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What would you do with $50/week?

My food expenditures have been out of control (darn you, Serious Eats! :P) so my husband and I have set a challenge to live on $50/week for food for the next few weeks. That sounds like a lot until you factor in high cost of food in SoCal, my husband only wants to buy organic whenever possible, and you could say I'm spoiled, but I like variety in my food (not just pasta every night). What are your creative solutions to this challenge? How do you eat high-quality food but make it stretch? What are your favorite budget recipes? We're cutting back to eat meat only once or twice a week, so whatever vegetarian/vegan options you have would also be appreciated.

Can give you an idea of what we typically eat:
- Breakfast - eggs, yogurt/granola, cereal w/ milk, oatmeal
- Lunch - whatever leftovers from dinner
- Dinner - chili, pasta, sometimes meat w/ sides of grain/salad/vegetables, soup
- Snacks can include cheese and crackers, popcorn (bought in bulk)

It all doesn't sound expensive but somehow it's adding up. Please help!

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