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Honeymoon eats....

Hey folks,
I'm getting married next week in Tuscany, should be in for some good food there, but i'm looking for some suggestions for our honeymoon.

We're hitting Vegas (3 nights), Kauai (1 week), Oahu(1 week) and San Francisco (2 nights) and we have a lovely 4 hour stopover in Newark airport.

We're both pizza, bbq and donut fans but not big into fish(yeah i know we're going to an island!).

I'm hoping to get to UPN in San Fran and the malasadas lady on Kauai ( but haven't really really tied down anywhere else.

We've both been dieting/starving ourselves for the last 6 months and I'm down to 160lb so i'm really HUNGRY, anyone got any suggestions?

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