Pak Choi- Seeking suggestions

I was blessed with an abundance of pak choi (similar to bok choy) in last week's CSA box.

I sliced some and added it to a brothy, tomato based vegetable soup. Made a spicy Asian style stir fry. Used it in place of cabbage in a saute' with sweet onions, green garlic and sliced mushrooms. Cooked some roughly chopped pac choi with chopped bacon and onions, added a splash of brown sugar and vinegar to serve along side grilled pork. I still have three fairly large heads left.

So, two things-
1.) I'm pak choi'd out. Can I blanch and freeze some?
2.) Does anyone have a preparation idea/suggestion/recipe to share or inspire me to make it again this week.

p.s. CSA box comes again on Thursday and since we are still in the very early stages of our growing season, I'm sure we're going to have a lot more of it coming.

I need ideas. Please.

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