Other people's habits.

Sometimes I can't stand other people. I bet you're saying 'REALLY!? Well, isn't that just the surprise of the day!' I get snarky at times (when its needed...), a little callous, and on occasion a little bitter. It usually isn't 100% my fault, though. I get asked often why I detest my neighbors so much. Since the hot weather has arrived, I can give a perfect example:

Cookouts in the parking lot of our apartment complex. The usual culprits go around asking for money for meat and want to grill once or twice a week in the middle of the driveway. The smoke comes into my apartment if I have the windows open, they make a ruckus, and then they think we're snobby because we don't have 10 euros to fork out for burnt chicken.

Then there are 'cooking superstitions' that make me give the WTF face: If you don't keep the water running while you strain pasta something terrible will happen. Don't make any sudden movements or sounds while baking a souffle or a sponge cake or another iceage will be brought down upon us...

What food habits of others gets you miffed?


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