KitchenAid Grinder Attachment - Yay or Nay? Kenji?

To quote the dropkick murphy's, "there comes a time in everyman's life, when decisions have to be made. Whether to toil, to labor, or just plain piss your days away." Grinding meat by hand (chopped method) is too much toil, cast iron hand grinders are too much labor, and I'm sick of ground meat from the store (pissing days away).

I choose the option not listed in the song: power tools.

I'm salivating over homemade italian sausage, and I really don't want to use my food processor. It's time.

I wish I had enough $ to buy a fancy grinder, but I just don't. I know that many people use and like the KA grinder and that it gets put through its paces at Kenji's house, but I wanted to get your opinions before dropping the cash.

I've read/seen some disconcerting black grease/goop/sludge that comes out in some of the meat. Any experience with that? Any other pros/cons?


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