I step on my tiny little soapbox 4(th) a second....

I've been getting rather annoyed over this last week. More and more I am noticing peoples comments and reviews on various recipes (this website, and many others)...and it seems all they can talk about is how "unhealthy" something is... "oh that is so fattening"..."Oh I could never eat THAT"...well you know what?! Nobody asked YOU to eat it, make it, or review it!
With the upcoming holiday weekend, I was looking for a few good recipes to take to the bbq we are attending, and I just keep noticing how many people are such debbie-downers!
I say...All things in moderation! I for one am going to thoroughly enjoy my 3-day weekend...fat-filled potato salad, hotdog & all!
Enjoy your carrot & cucumber stix party pooper! :-P

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