I can't seem to find the Food Lab suggestion link

That's my first question/comment. Didn't every Food Lab article end with info for how to suggest a topic?

Secondly, hey Kenji! So I know you prefer to do savory food lab articles, and I agree because there are a lot of people already doing sweet. However, as I was thinking that I hadn't made madeleines in a while, it occurred to me that nobody has really done any sort of article regarding the many myths and the science behind them. Getting a bump is inconsistent, and while some swear by resting overnight being the cause, many can tell you it simply doesn't seem to work out that way. Seems the rest benefits from the standpoint of relaxing gluten more than anything else.

Then there's the addition of a chemical leavening agent and whether it contributes to a bump or not. It is pretty much frowned upon by traditionalists to use chemical leavening.
There are also recipes that insist on mixing the eggs and sugar just to combine, whereas I fall in the camp that beats until pale and thick, with air being whipped into the batter. I fail to see how just mixed eggs and sugar would ever get enough rise, especially with a traditional recipe with no leavening.

Even baking temperature is disputed, with some insisting on moderate (350) and others on faster baking (400).

So, is there any chance that we might see madeleines get some love on SE? I think it'd be great to see varying results and to de-bunk some of the myths. Come on, you know you want to prove the "overnight rest makes for a bump" theory wrong. ;)


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