What the heck does Hemp 'go with'?

Long story short: Early 20s, likes cooking and flavors, lacks baking equipment and blender, looking to put on weight. Also: cheap browser of supermarket reduced aisles, comes across Bob's Red Mill Hemp Protein Powder for .99 cents as a markdown, and figures "what the hey."

First experiment: morning oatmeal, what doesn't go well with oatmeal and sugar and cinnamon? Lets just dump a whole bunch of brown sugar on there. First impressions: wow, this stuff came from earth? and dang, I'm going to need a lot more sugar

Obviously, I should have done some research, but SEers have never failed me, so I was wondering if anyone from the "natural crowd" (and I say this in the most loving way possible that a child of 1990s cartoon character cereal can) can help me out here. Does Hemp have an affinity for any savory flavors, spices, or mix-ins? I guess I'd love to work it into oatmeal or some other quick cooking grain some way just because it's part of my morning routine, but open to all suggestions that are not overly labor intensive.


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