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Pizza dough: Moving from a food processor to stand mixer

Hi, I recently blew the motor on my food processor, via which I used to make wonderful pizza dough (using the CI recipe, essentially, but times 1.5, which is probably what killed the motor!).

Anyway, we're broke so I can't buy a new food processor just yet. As a former baker/pastry chef, I've got a workhorse of a stand mixer that I'm making our pizza dough with now. However, after making pizza last night the dough turned out tasty with a good structure, but it was a serious pain in the rear to form. (By which I mean that the gluten was so developed that it didn't want to stretch out to my usual 14" (for a 14 oz. ball, measured after bulk rise).)

So, I wonder if one can just take the CI recipe and simply just use a stand mixer, or if there is some extra tweaking that needs to take place.

(Full disclosure: I likely overmixed this batch as I neglected to add the oil and salt after the 10-minute autolyse and had to mix all that in for another 1-2 minutes on the dough hook.)

Is there anyone out there that doesn't use a food processor to make either Kenji's or the CI recipe? That is, they either mix/knead by hand or use a stand mixer? I'm not finding that the flavor is all that different (i.e., I don't buy the argument that fast food processor mixing reduces oxidation on the surface of the dough.)

Any thoughts welcome, sorry so long and rambling! best, Joe

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