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mid-night potato salad

i chose to put out this recipe because its simple, and very traditional of us down here in deep south texas. usually, when there is a potluck party i need to attend, i volunteer to bring this whimsical potato salad. its cute, easy and fun to make, and doesn't require all that mumbo-jumbo to your knee grocery list tonite, i am making my simply infamous tater salad for a potluck we're having at school tomorrow. right now, i am boiling the potatoes, and i've already chopped up my celery. i called it a mid-night potato salad cause well! look what time it is!? and im barely boiling them taters! so my question... what kind of other ingredients, (spicy, fruity, etc...) would you add to this or your own potato salad? and give it a funky name too, like mine!

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