Kroger Bag Boy Woes

I went grocery shopping on Saturday and brought with me 8 reusable bags, one of which was a stand up freezer bag. I bought lots of heavy items this week (good sales and needed to stock up on a few things) such as 3 large bottles of juice, a carton of OJ, a jug of lemonade, a bunch of frozen veggies, pita etcc...
When I was checking out the bag boys were arguing about whose turn it was to go on break (why it takes 2 ppl to bag groceries I'm miffed about) so I finally get sick of listening to them and tell them I'll bag my own groceries, though they were pretty much through, I find they put 4 containers of juice in one bag and out of allllll the stuff they had placed ONE bag of frozen peas in my freezer bag and they had TWO empty bags....SERIOUSLY!! I am a small person and I can tell you I would have had a hard time lifting these bags out of the cart so I proceed to start taking things out of the bags to redistribute the weight and the manager had the audasity to come over and tell me I was holding up the line! Well she got an earful and I am now taking my grocery business elsewhere.
I might add this is not the first time this has happened at this Kroger...they seem to like to make the bags as heavy as humanly possible.
Do you have a problem with the bag persons? I have voiced my pref. to bag my own groceries here before....def. still prefer that.

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