In Search of A Good French Coffee Maker

So, I have no coffee maker at my home, and I generally don't like that type of coffee, but I fell in love with the coffee (espresso style) that I had in Paris. I was looking to buy either a French Press maker (the kind with the plunger, which i have used before) or the style that is more like a single-shot espresso one that you generally put on the stovetop (caffetiere?).

Do any of you coffee lovers out there know which would be a better buy and bring me closer to what I had while in Paris? Also, any brands/stores that you would recommend? Finally, ince I pick/get one, any suggestions for the best (especially decaf, since I am not supposed to be having much caffeine) coffee that I can buy for it from the supermarket/online?

Any help is more than appreciated!!!

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