Help! Hamantashen-style mini-pie crimp fail!

OK, so I got rhubarb at the market, and happened to have a pineapple laying around, and decided that instead of pie, I wanted to make little tartlets kind of like the breadier Hamantashen (was hoping for lower fat in the crust)

I found this terrific ricotta-cheese dough recipe that gave me the desired lower fat, yeasty qualities I was looking for. In the photo on the recipe site, the end result has corners drawn up not dissimilarly to Hamantashen, except square.

So I made my filling, rolled out my proofed dough (I added a bit of Chapati flour and the dough was beautiful. Just gorgeous.) and cut it into circles. Added filling, crimped three corners with a hard pinch, baked as directed...and took flat circles of pastry with a lump of filling on them out of the oven. Sort of like ugly pineapple-rhubarb pizzas. Tasty - the dough is exactly what I wanted, tender, lightly bready - but ugly.

OK, so I thought maybe a double-crimp on the corners. Nope. So I thought maybe an egg wash before crimping. Nope.

The dough is nontraditional and extremely soft, but I have to think I'm missing something here. Any ideas how to keep my little triangle corners crimped?

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