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Help baking a frozen pie

There was a thread on rhubarb here that made me want a rhubarb pie. I have a good recipe for a sour cream rhubarb pie. I have enough to make two pies which means one will have to be stored for a later time. My question is, if I make up two pies and cook one for now, should I freeze the other unbaked, for later? Then how long and at what temperature would I cook the pie and would it be from the frozen state or would I thaw it? I have never done this before but my thought is that if I thaw the pie, it would be soggy before I ever cooked it. The pie contains uncooked rhubarb, a mixture of sour cream, sugar & flour to go over the fruit, then a "crumble" top made with flour, brown sugar and melted butter. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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