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easy, dairy-free anniversary dessert?

Hit me with your best shot, SE'ers! Wedding anniversary coming up this weekend... coupled with hubby working until late (7pm), tiny baby (4 mos), not much time, and a dairy-free, soy-free lifestyle (thanks to aforementioned baby).
Dinner-wise, I'm phoning it in, literally - getting sushi delivered. My problem is dessert. I have to avoid dairy and soy, so no butter, cream, silken tofu, nothing. DH does not like chocolate or most nuts, cake generally goes uneaten, and I only have so much free time to bake something. In years past our go-to dessert would be an ice cream cake (yum). I thought about baklava, but then discovered that I would have to start that waaay ahead, and there's butter in there anyway. I'm a little skeptical about butter substitutes.
Right now I'm thinking about a pint of B&J for him, and a pint of dairy/soy-free ice cream for me. Meh. What great ideas do you have? Relatively fast recipes would be great... but I'm not opposed to picking something up at the store...

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