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Cook's Illustrated: Yea or Nay?

A food geek like me likes to sort through multiple ways of doing things, and it seems like the arch-practioner of this is Cook's Illustrated. Unfortunately their New England supermarket-centric point-of-view often proves useless, and sometimes their recipes lack context, especially with ethnic foods. But there's often valuable information.

So after buying the magazine off the newsstand sporadicly for the past decade, I decided to subscribe to C.I. online- almost $40 for the year. Only to find out that too many of their recipes are hidden behind an upgraded membership and not accessible without laying out more cash.

So yes, I cancelled my subscription and am hoping for a refund. I'm well aware that they don't accept advertising, but you'd think they'd reached a page-view critical mass where they could sell non-food-related ads successfully and drop the nickel/dime stuff.

Am I alone in this? This is actually my second bad experience with them- the previous being an unauthorized subscription about five years ago.

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