Canadian bacon, EH?

Well...Saucy decided to get a little adventerous this past weekend and I decided to make some Canadian bacon from one of the pork loin roasts in the freezer. It actually came out pretty good, but I could use some help to tweak it.Two scenarios that I could use yer suggestions...One is, the recipe called for a 4 lb. roast, I used a two lb just in case it didn't come out good. Also, it called for 1 1/4 cups of kosher salt and 8 tsp. of pink salt, both of which I halved. It said to brine for 2 days...I brined for 3 days. Question is, since it seemed a bit salty, was it the time in the brine (hey that almost rhymes:) or was it because of the smaller size absorbing more or what??? Any help, for the next batch, would be great :):)

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