What Type of Cheese Should I Use?

Well, since I am going with a French-themed Easter dinner this year for myself and my parents, I am preparing savory crepes, but need advice on the right cheese (preferrably French) to go with them. I was thinking of doing something really simple, like chicken and cheese crepes (I would do something more, but my father is the world's pickiest eater and a diabetic with hypertension and high cholesterol, as is my mother on the last two things, so I really can't, or they will both refuse to eat) with a nice sauce to go with them (tomato-based, since they both love that). What cheese would you recommend for it? I am not sure what would melt well, but still retain a robust enough flavor to stand up to the tomato sauce and chicken. Any ideas would be very helpful and very appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!

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