What are your favourite restaurant appetizers?

Hey folks - been a while since I've posted - I went from unemployed to two contracts at once..... but things are calming down now so back to the important things - like SE!

I am making dinner on Sunday night for a varied crew including some teenagers. I know that they LOVE appetizers when they go out for dinner and in fact often make their entire meal out of them. So my plan is to make a buffet of appetizers. Leading me to today's question.....

What are your favourite restaurant appetizers? Priviso here - I'm talking regularly available, maybe even chain restaurant type things.

I'm currently contemplating a spinach and artichoke dip (hot), sliders, chicken wings, queso or nachos. But I am totally open to other ideas - I'd like to add some kind of veggie or a lighter type thing to the mix (in an attempt to say this is healthy - bah, who am I kidding!)

What say you? What restaurant appie reins supreme?

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