Really late to the rotisseri party.

So I got a Ronco Rotiserri for my wedding shower 3 years ago. At the time I lived in a tiny apartment, so it stayed in the box, never used or even opened. I bought a house last summer and the Rotisseri was moved and put in the garage (still in box, still sad and unopened).
Yesterday I decided I would drag it out and see what the hell was in the huge box.
The Rotiserri, recipe booklet, instructional VHS(!?), skewers, basket, "flavor injector" (groan), silicone gloves, carving set....Man this box was loaded with stuff!
Since it was relatively nice out, and I was in yard work heaven, I decided to go ahead and "set it and forget it" lol.
I just put a small roaster on the rotiserri, gave it a basic rub (garlic, rosemary, s&p).
Ummmmmm....WOW! So freaking good! Now I feel like such an idiot that I left it in the box for so long! I know I am late to the party here- but what else do you use these for and get great results? I feel the need to play with my new toy :)

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