Real Deal Kung Pao Chicken-well, sort of, not really . . .

I might have missed the boat on this recipe by J.Kenji when it first came out, but the grocery store had a huge sale on chicken breasts a couple of weeks ago, so I bought a ton. And of course that's all we have been eating. I was getting tired of my usual chicken recipes and went to SE for ideas. Found the Kung Pao Chicken recipe and tried it. It was wonderful and we all liked it. Then, a few days later, we are so sick of chicken ( I got the "it better not be chicken again" look), I was going to make burgers. No biggie, but then I got to thinking, I have some of that thai garlic chili sauce in my fridge, which needs to be used up. Hmmm. . .yeah, I mixed some of that in my ground up chuck and grilled them. It smelled and tasted exactly like sloppy joes (without the sloppy part). So thanks SE and Kenji, we now have a quick go to for unsloppy sloppy joes!!

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