Pizza-party catering menu? Help me with my 'pizza playlist'

You'll see this on Slice when it's all said and done, but ...

My wife (AKA "Girl Slice") pimped me out as a pizza caterer for a bridal shower for one of her friends. Girl Slice had been planning to host the shower at our apartment anyway, and her friend was like, "Oh! Have Adam do a pizza lunch for it." So ... anyway ...

What pizzas would you put on the menu? I'll be using the Kenji NYC pizza recipe as the base.

I think there will be eight in attendance, plus me in the kitchen. How many pizzas should I do? What toppings should I do?

Additional considerations: What would you serve alongside? I'm thinking some fruit salad, green salad, some homemade bagels to start for when the guests first arrive ... anything else obvo I'm missing?

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