New restaurant venture !!!!!!!

Well...Saucy's at it again...I opened my first restaurant in AZ. but got out in '07 due to the handwriting on the wall with the economy(at age 50...and, yes I cooked 2 days a week, had a chef for the other times). I'm about 4-6 months out, but I am putting together a menu that is more Mom and Pop's than my other upscale venture. I will locate in North Central Missouri in a small town catering to the locals, but still interjecting my Southwest/Tex-Mex/Caribbean recipes as specials. Any help with a name??? Being as I have had the nickname Cowboy John for 35 years, I was thinking Cowboy's Roost...but I don't want to pigeonhole the menu with anything to suggestive. Any help out there ???

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