Kitchen Scale for baking -- really a necessity?

I've been baking probably longer than I've been cooking. I use a lot of family recipes and in all this time I've never have used a kitchen scale for weights measurements. I read a lot of comments here at SE and from friends who shy away from baking saying something like "oh baking is such an exact measurement process" and "it's too tedious" or don't have the right equipment.

I am confused. My baking comes out fine. I use some basic plastic measuing cups. I don't even knife off the excess flour when measuring. I'm slowing getting more brave to try harder breads, such as cinnamon rolls but find that not even that has really gone haywire. Most of my baking is 9x13 cakes, cookies, and loaf pan quick breads.

Is is pure luck that I'm doing ok or is it that the types of stuff i'm making is more forgiving?


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