Hot day? Have a coconut mango sorbet!

A few days back, my dad decided to buy me my own domain, which means, instead of it will just be .com. I am so excited to finally have my own website. Thank you! So for the past few days now, I have been searching for themes, getting my website together, making my logo...all with the help of my dad. Just today, I've been working on my logo. As you can see it's finally up. And you can click on it too! Just making a! No wonder you pay so much to have your own logo made. I never realized how much work and effort is involved into putting up a single website. My head starts going in a daze when I see how much things have to be done. How do people learn how to do these things? So, web designers and web creators, I have one word "respect". Yup, hats off to you guys.And now, this is my first ever post on my official Amateur Palette website. And with my very first post I give you my first original Amateur Palette recipe. This recipe is a combination of the flavors of the fresh coconut, and the sweet and tangy mango. Both combined to make a refreshing sorbet. It's more of a cross between fruity sorbet and a creamy ice cream. And may I say, "No ice cream machine required". Yes. None required. I don't even own an ice cream maker, so what can I do? Right? I'm sure you know by now that not a lot of us can afford an ice cream maker.So I decided to make my very own recipe with one of my favorite ingredients, coconut. I say, this is a fun and a very easy recipe. The downside? A lot of dishes to need to be cleaned. But well worth it! In a few words, this sorbet was a refreshing delight to my day. I hope you guys will enjoy this recipe as much as I did. First post...done. And now, what to make next?


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