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Home cured ham questions

I've been experimenting a bit with curing my own hams. My first attempts were with 2 pound pieces of pork loin, roughly 3x5x6 inches. They turned out okay, kind of like large Canadian Bacon. I thought I would try a larger piece for Easter and got a 6 pound pork shoulder/Boston Butt, about 7x9x4 inches, with a bone at one end. It was tasty, and even better than my first 2 attempts because this time I got the right amount of salt.

But there was a spot in the middle of the boneless end about the size of a large egg that the cure didn't reach, and was just roasted pork. I brined for a week, from Saturday to Sunday, and from what I've read online that should be long enough. Do you have any idea what I might have done wrong, or could it just be the cut of meat and the position of the bone that prevented the cure from reaching the middle?


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