Food you like that everyone else seems to find disgusting

We've had topics on trends and foods you wish would go away or find unsavory, but what about the other way around? I love fried chicken gizzards and hearts but I have to wait until my wife is out of town because she finds them revolting. I also am a big fan of squirrell and my grandparents always left the heads on so we could eat the brains. Sounds really gross but it's really quite good. I've had other Southern (US) "delicacies" like Chitterlins, and mountain oysters, rattlesnake, and alligator. They were all enjoyable to me but I understand peoples apprehension. My grandparents grew up during the Great Depression and I remember them telling stories of eating Opossums, Racoons, and turtles.

Do you have a food that you enjoy but makes others turn up their nose?

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