Contest Confirmation Emails - do you get a response?

Tuesday I was delighted to find I'd won the cookbook "Plenty" (sorry carnivores, you can never have enough vegetarian cookbooks!) and received a confirmation email from Serious Eats asking for my name and address (which I sent as soon as I finished reading).

I haven't received a response email yet, and I'm not sure whether your policy is to email back that you've received the information or not (it's my first win!). I tried sending a query to [email protected] in case perhaps my emails just weren't getting sent to Serious Eats, nothing yet.

I know it's been less than a week since the first emails were sent out, but since we only get a week to claim the books, I'm a little worried. Looking through previous topics it seems sometimes winners didn't get emails back after sending their information?

Not to make such a big deal out of this, but it does seem like such a lovely cookbook and I'd hate to wait several weeks only to find out I accidentally forfeited the prize. You can understand, right? :)

Thank you in advance!


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