Cold Fermented Pizza Dough

I've been a reader on here for a while - and finally got around to signing up.
Now I'd like some advice :-)
I've been making pizza for some time and I generally have quite good results (for a domestic oven). I'm doing one tonight, and currently have dough in the fridge. It has been sitting there for a couple of days and should be fine to use tonight.
My question, though, is that despite my fridge being 3 degrees celsius (37.4 F) the dough rises whilst in the fridge.
I would expect some growth - but it has at least doubled in size.
I don't know whether it would be better to knock it back and let it start rising again or to leave it.
In addition, normally when I take it out the fridge I knock it back and give it about an hour to pick up again - should I just shape and cook directly from the fridge when it has risen this much.

I'm not really sure if it would make any difference at all - I'm just wary of over-proofing the dough. I generally make a kind of neopolitan style pizza (having been to Italy and not America).

Any advice would be appreciated.


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