A different take on the average chocolate chip cookie! (Recipe!)

Yesterday was a full day of baking, my kind of day. I baked 2 golden loaves of poppy seed challah for my grandma and my uncle and a whole batch of delicious cookies. The cookies were a new twist to your regular chocolate chip cookies.

It all started when my mom asked, "What can I bring?". You see, she usually asks this question when she has a gathering with friends and she wants something baked. More often than not I reply with, "What will I bake?". She suggested cookies. So I went over to my folder of recipes and decided to go with a recipe I haven't tried (which I tend to do a lot). When browsing through my folder, there was a recipe that had the words chewy...molasses...chocolatechip cookies. Sold! This was a recipe to try.

When I made these cookies, I had no idea which ice cream scoop to use. 2-inch scoop? Or the 1.5-inch scoop? So for the first 3 cookies I decided to use the 2-inch scoop. Once it came out of the oven, the size of the cookie was as big as the palm of my hand. That big! If I keep using this scoop I'll only be able to make about 1 1/2 dozens instead of 3. With my experiment coming to a conclusion, obviously I had to use the smaller one.

Time for the taste test! Chewy? Yes, with a little crunch around the edges. Delicious? Yup. This cookie came together with the richness of the molasses, the crunch from the walnuts, the cocoa flavor from the chocolate, the salty crunch from the sprinkling of salt and the chewiness from the chilling time in the refrigerator. They work so well together. I shall give this cookie a two thumbs up!


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