Restaurant Burger - Issues

I like my burgers rare. I find that 75% of the restaurants that ask me how I want my burger have no clue what "rare" means. It really gets me upset. It seems that my options are to stop ordering burgers or to send them back and have to wait for my meal, again 75% of the time. If I am paying upwards of $10.00 for a burger and the restaurant asks me how I want it, I expect it to be cooked to my specifications. I'm not even complaining about restaurants that don't give me that option, I understand that and move along to something else on the menu.

When I order my burger I stress very strongly to the server, very very rare, like run it through a warm room and bring it to me. I've gone so far as to start telling the servers that if they bring me a burger that isn't rare I will send it back. I hate to do that, one it's not the server's fault and two, it sets up an adversarial relationship right off the bat. But darn it, there a few things I loathe more than cutting into my supposedly rare burger to find it barely pink.

Okay end of rant. What would you do Serious Eaters? Send it back? Stop ordering burgers? Insist on going into the kitchen and cooking your own? Anyone else have this issue?

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