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First Time Mom Needs HELP

I am a new, for the time being, stay at home mom with a 3 week old. I have been a dedicated cook for many years; it wouldn't be unusual for me to spend a few hours in the kitchen, when time allowed, preparing a meal. I worked in a restaurant, cooked and baked in much of my free time--and now I find myself without any free time! I am juggling a newborn, a household, a part-time from home job, a husband, 5 animals and my ambitious garden--not to mention finding a few minutes a day for myself.
Soooo...bottom line is I need some help with some healthy, easy prep, meals. Grilling is great, crock pot, dutch oven or steamer meals are wonderful. I don't mind the recipes requiring long cook times or a good ammount of prep--the prep just needs to be left at a moments notice. ie I don't mind a lot of chopping or what not b/c I can put the knife down and go to the baby...I cannot stop in the middle of stirring risotto or deep frying etc...
One last thing I am breast feeding so nothing with too much spice please!
Thanks in advance for all the great serious help!

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