Irish Cuisine and Alchohol - Is This the Real Deal?

I'll preface this by admitting I don't know much at all about authentic Irish cuisine. But after seeing one "St. Patrick's Day" or "Irish" recipe after another almost all of which contain alcohol (whisky or stout, usually) I am seriously wondering if this reflects true Irish food that the people of Ireland eat from day to day or if this is just something absurdly stupid/ignorant that foreigners do to make foods "Irish" in the same way that we add also green food coloring to everything to the same end. I'm guessing that these spiritous recipes are just a reflection of the fact that this holiday (at least in America) has turned into nothing more than an excuse to consume large amounts of beer and whisky at all hours of the day. Can someone in the know set the record straight?

Erin go bragh!

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