How's Your Bacon?

There's been a lot of chatter about bacon so I've been wondering, "How's your bacon"? Crisp or a bit limp? Oven baked or skillet fried? Thin-sliced, thick or slab? Garnished with; maple, sugar, pepper, or..?
I buy slab bacon and slice it as I use it. I've baked it a couple of times when I had guests and loved the results and ease of preparation but 98% of the time mine is cooked crisp in a cast iron skillet. Invariably, I sprinkle it with fine ground pepper as soon as it leaves the skillet.
Yes, I save the drippings in a jar kept in the fridge and use it in my cooking. In my social circle, it is not at all unusual for bacon to be used raw as a lunch meat in sandwiches. That took some getting used to but now it is reasonably normal to me...
Uses? As a side to breakfast eggs and toast, garnish on baked potatoes, crumbled into a garden salad, wrapped around a grilled hot dog, draped over and under meatloaf as it cooks, ...
What about yours..?

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