how much should you comment on your own topic?

I realize that "starting a new topic" seems to be a daily occurrence for many folks here. I guess I appreciate the community spirit (though it does seem a bit excessive, especially when the questions just become a bit, nostalgic, trivial, discrete, or simply designed to win some future "Top 2011 Poster" award).

Anyway, what bugs me is when people answer their own threads excessively. I'm starting to see threads here where the OP accounts for one third of the total responses.

Can't we just pose a question a let the community take over, organically? Must we perpetually weigh in, try to extend the convo, raise the "replies" count, and artificially appear to be a useful thread?

Again, the key word is "artificially." Can't we have the OPs settle down a little bit, let the convo flow, and then reply to several folks (using the @ symbol) in one response?

It seems like a small quibble, but it smacks of egoism, jacks up the "most commented on" count needlessly, and is generally unsavory (to me). It's like a precocious nine-year-old streaming, "Look at me!"

;) Thoughts?


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