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Beef Back Ribs. Not short ribs. How would you cook them?

Found some really cheap, beef back ribs from locally grown beef yesterday. I've never cooked them before. I have 6 pounds, two of which are resting in a teriyaki-ish marinade, with some 5-spice powder added. I am planning to braise these in their marinade (maybe 250°) for a few hours, and then broil to glaze and crisp.

The other four pounds are open for ideas. Obviously, I could freeze them to use later.

Since these are technically the ribs off a rib roast, am wondering if they could be rubbed and high-heat cooked quickly just to char the exterior and keep the meat between the bones on the rare side?

I can't use an outdoor grill right now , as we're having some construction work (not a new kitchen, but winter storm damage repair) done and the grills are tarped and stored in an area where we can't really use them for another week.

Got a good recipe? Thanks!

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