Leisurely Eating, with Conversation

My son and I are the only ones around tonight, and he horked down two pieces of delivered pizza nearly whole before I even put a piece on my plate, and ran out the door to ride his new road bike he's excited about. Made me recall the time the whole extended family met for the annual beach vacation and I burst into tears after cooking a great meal, placing a couple of bottles of wine strategically on the table, and then all 10 of them ate at the speed of light before piling on to the couches like the Simpsons to watch whatever bad reception TV we had there a decade ago. They still tease me about that, although gently, even today. I was born in the US, but my soul is from somewhere in France or Italy, where food and conversation reign supreme. So while I eat my sad pizza alone, tell me if its only foodies that think this way. Sustenance comes from both plates and fellowship, in my view. Just a thought, or maybe the dreaded pet peeve topic. Whatever. I'm in a bad mood now. :(

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