Kitchen Gardeners! Ordered your seeds yet? What and from where?

OK, I have a foot of snow on the ground and a good inch of ice on top of that. But we're past the midpoint of Winter, and there WILL be a Spring! I am up to my elbows in seed catalogs and websites, and need to order some of the seeds I'll start indoors by the end of the month.

I've only decided on a couple of things right now. I am going to try Amish Paste tomatoes this year, and I will not be ordering from Pinetree Gardens this year since for two years running have had germination issues with their seeds only. Will be getting some of the usual suspects, probably from Johnny's and Jungs --Fordhook chard, Maxibell filet beans and Fortex pole beans. Haven't decided on peppers, lettuces, squash, melons broccoli, kale, fennel or cabbage varieties yet. Thinking about Alpine strawberries, too.

What are you planning to plant, and do you have a seed company you love (or hate)? Any suggestions of vegetable varieties I should look into? Am just west of Philadelphia in a commuter suburb and have a good sized deer-fenced, organic garden. I've had vegetable gardens since 1976, but am always looking to improve.

Are you itching to get your hands dirty like I am?

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