New York

Chamoy salsa / chamoy apples

My friend recently brought me a tamarind and chili powder covered apple from Texas with chamoy salsa. And now I'm hooked. I've had chamoy down in Mexico as both a sauce and a candy but for some reason I can't seem to find it in NYC (I'll admit I only went to Tehutzingo). If worse comes to worst, I'll order online (plus mexgrocer had an interesting video showing how to make the apples with some kind of pre-made tamarind paste product that I might want to try) but wanted ask here first.

Anyone know where to get chamoy salsa in NYC (willing to go outside of Manhattan of course)? Also recommendations for best chamoy brand, as well as opinions for best chile-based fruit seasoning brand much appreciated (I'm not a fan of the classic Tajin seasoning, not spicy enough and tastes a little stale to me). Thanks!

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